Plastic Injection Molding

How It Works

Plastic injection molding is a way to produce large volumes of finished plastic parts for all kinds of commercial and industrial use. Molten resin is injected into the cavity of a metal die under high pressure and then rapidly cooled – which results in a solid shape.

A single cycle to make a finished part can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. It all depends on the complexity and size of the part!


Custom Plastic Injection Molding Piece made by Arkansas plastic company

Our Process

From start to finish, Hometown Plastics believes in utilizing high-quality materials and craftsmanship along with the right tools to manufacture the best possible products.


Step 1

Choose a plastic. There are thousands of thermoforming and thermosetting plastics to choose from that can be used in the injection process. Ask about the pros and cons of each material for your specific piece.


Step 2

Next, the plastic pellets are heated into liquid form and injected into the heated mold to cool and form your part. We’ve simplified the process here for content purposes.


Step 3

When you’re happy with the prototype, we can produce your pieces in bulk to whatever specifications you desire!

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